Air Universal Ltd , incorporated  January 2002 as a Commercial Air Operator. The headquarters of Air Universal are located in Amman Jordan, the heart of the Middle East.
Air Universal is one of the Pioneering Private Airlines that took a bold step to launch Aviation Services in the Middle East and beyond.

Air Universal is registered in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Air Universal holds an AOC as Commercial Operator / Scheduled and Charter Operations Passengers and Cargo.
Air Universal specializes in the value added leasing and chartering of passenger and cargo aircrafts to Flag Operators and other Domestic and
International Operators. Value added leasing, in addition to leasing the aircraft, provides for maintenance, flight crews, insurance and airline support .

Air Universal provides reliable and safe aviation services that meet the highest  International Standards.

Air Universal fleet consists of:

          5 x Boeing 747-230 Passenger Aircraft

          2 x Lockheed Martin L1011 Aircraft

          1 x Boeing 747-200 to join the fleet in May/Jun 2006.

          2 x B737 or A320 projected to join the fleet during 2006.

Air Universal owns and operates only those aircrafts that comply with the highest standards of maintenance and safety adhering to its Safety and Reliability Record which is rightfully renowned.

Air Universal outsourcers its Engineering and Maintenance to FAA/JAA approved repair stations, which are on par with the best in the world. In order to maintain this level of Safety and Reliability, KLM was chosen to perform all maintenance requirements to the Boeing 747 Aircrafts, a Technical Support Contract was concluded for this purpose.
Air Universal utilizes its fleet within and well beyond the Middle Eastern borders, customizing its  services to meet the customer's precise requirements.